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I  made this site for our family so we could all feel more 'connected' than our diverse locations would otherwise permit.   Everything you ever wanted to know about us is here!  At least that which I could put in print.


Important Dates Coming...

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Don't miss these chances to send a cheerful Hi!  P.S.  My calendar got eaten by my last naughty computer.  I did not leave anyone out intentionally.  Please let me know what's missing.

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Write to us... Or visit a family Web Site

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So What's New With You???


Tell us your latest stuff.  Who did something cute lately?  Did you take a trip?  Do you wish you had taken a trip?  New job?  New shoes??  This is the place to spread the news.

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Check out our Photo Gallery..


I would like to include very old and very new shots eventually.   Our pictures are hosted on so you can print copies yourself or order photo stuff!

Family Pictures

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Some other interests....


See what we do in all of our spare time.  Visit some of our favorite places.

Nutritional Herbology, Reiki, Natural Healing

Rock Medicine
New Age Resources
Nature Sunshine Herbs

Hiking, Mountain Climbing
Genealogy - Family Tree
Dancing - Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, BreakDance

Guest Registry...
You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.....

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